Saturday, February 9, 2008

Colors of Beach Sea Glass

Beach Sea Glass comes in all colors. It's only limited to what was thrown away at that beach.
Green , brown and white is the most common colors you will find . Most are pop bottles that people threw away after drinking.
Where there was a local garbage site , you know its where someone goes in the middle of the night and hopefully by morning the tide will have taken it out to sea so noone will know , you will find pottery , blues , pinks , purples,hopefully red as most of this came from plates and dishes found inside a house that would of gotton broken.
If you live near a town dump , where the town itself took all the garbage they collected and burned on the beach you can find unlimited colors and objects. This is where the word rare comes into play. Bottle stoppers , one of kind colors , marbles , orange can be found here.
In the 6 years of collecting , I have only found one true orange , 3 bright yellows. Some beaches that I have been on only has green and brown. Some have all colors.
There is also shades of colors. For example blue. There is robin , sky , cobalt ,cornflower,seafoam blue, and many more shades of blue.

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